5 Clever Ways To Use Instagram Story For Your Business

Instagram is the top trending social media marketing platform worldwide at present. It has 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million active users every day. Instagram introduced many features within this app, but the most exciting part is Instagram stories. 

If you are using an Instagram business account, you can easily click the insights to see how many people watched your stories, how many click forward to see next from your story. So if you want to engage your audience, you need to create engaging content to attract them. Also is one of the perfect tools to enhance your business and get better results from Instagram marketing. 

1. Share Announcements

Instagram stories have the potential to attract an audience to your profile. Share your company announcements in your stories such as the new product you launch, new staff if joined in your company, and the latest update from your company. Also, you can post behind the scene videos of your company in your stories to boost your audience and story views. 

Just spend a few amounts to buy story views for Instagram video and see how it helps you to get a massive audience to your account. While sharing behind the scenes with your audience helps you get more new audiences and your followers to know about your business. 

2.Make Collaborations

The Instagram story offers plenty of new ways for brands and influencers to collaborate on the platform. If you collaborate with related businesses, their audience may come to know your account, and importantly, you get more new followers to your account. Also, having collaboration with huge brands helps you to increase your brand and content reach. You can collaborate with influencers to explore your content reach to get better results for your business. Make creative collaboration videos to attract your audience and build your Instagram community. 

3.Use Story Highlights

Adding story highlights will act as an extension to your Instagram stories. If you add highlights in your profile, it helps you tell who you are when they see your profile. Create attractive Instagram stories and highlight them with a catchy cover image. Then it will convert your Instagram page into a brochure. Don’t add all stories to highlights because it will not create interest in your audience to see your highlights. Highlight the most important and engaging story to get more audience to your profile. 

4.Use Polls And Question Stickers

Posting polls in your Instagram stories is an interesting way to drive more interaction with your followers. Use these stickers for marketing your product, getting feedback from your customers about your brand and content. Post highly relevant polls and ask informative questions with your audience about your brands. Asking question stickers with your will help you to reach your target audience. Posting question stickers is a great feature to build a strong Instagram community and boost your audience to interact with you. 

5.Add Links

Instagram stories allow you to add your target page URL within your stories to drive more traffic to your website. But this feature is only available for accounts that have more than 10K followers. When you add links to your post and stories, it will increase your account reach and impression. Also, you can buy impressions for Instagram to boost your content reach to a wider audience. Additionally, add a swipe-up feature in your stories to attract your audience’s attention towards your Instagram account. 

Parting Words

More than 500 million users are porting stories every day to enhance their brands and business reach. So if you want to promote your business on Instagram, you need to create valuable content and also add these above features while creating a winning Instagram marketing strategy. 

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