4 Important Things Every Marketer Should Know About TikTok

Do you doubt how to use TikTok for business? 

Indeed, you can use the TikTok platform for promoting your brand and business. In this post, we are explaining five important things about TikTok every marketer should know in 2021. According to the January 2021 statistics, TikTok has 689 million active users in the world. TikTok is the seventh-largest social media platform.

Let’s start!! 

#1: TikTok isn’t For Kids and Teens

Most of the marketers assume that TikTok isn’t a good platform because their opinion was TikTok is just for kids. 

According to Rachel, TikTok definitely isn’t for kids and teens. She collected TikTok-based data about how many adults were using this platform. Based on her research, approximately 200-3000 million users are more than 30 years old. 

Rachel and her husband do their experiment about TikTok engagement. That was In Sync because no one knows about their 90’s boy band. They used hashtags like #over30 and #90skids. Without any magic, more than 30-40,000 times, that video was viewed and got thousands of engagement. 

#2: Create Sense Natively on TikTok

Based on Rachel’s statement, creating content is very different compared to other social media platforms. She strongly recommends what feels right natively on TikTok. I will give the best example: You don’t have to post your horizontal video on your Facebook, then post the video in your TikTok account. 

TikTok allows you to take a vertical video up to 15 seconds long. If you want to record more, use second settings and makeup to 60 seconds. But, Rachel is the biggest fan of the 15-sec videos until you can find out about how platforms work and engage with your content. 

TikTok allows you to do live videos to interact with your followers. This strategy is based on the TikTok algorithm, which means you have at least 1000 followers for your account. You can increase your follower count, it automatically increases your likes and views, or else if you want instant TikTok views, utilize the service of buying TikTok views. 

#3: Get Maximum Views and Reach

As a TikToker, you have to concentrate on how to impress the audience. If the audience is interested in your content, they will start to follow your account. As the followers count increases, you will gain more views and likes without delay. 

Are you new to TikTok? Are you posting your content with zero views & followers? 

I will share a secret for you, which is buying TikTok views that help to get instant views. If your views have increased, your video rank has been high. Finally, your video will appear on the explore page. 

Creating excellent content with unique videos will help to impress the audience and increase your profile growth. 

#4: Use Hashtags to Searchable Content

Hashtags play an important role in all other social media. Now, Rachel finds the interesting thing about the TikTok hashtag. 

She said that if you’re posting a video without hashtags, people can rarely view your video. For instance, they will see 20 videos, and your video is one of them. In case you post your video with hashtags, your video will go viral. 

Finally, Rachel recommends that you use relevant hashtags with your content. Many people try to follow the method by using trending hashtags but keep in mind those hashtags are not relevant to your content, they’re going to die out quickly.

Final Words

I hope this post creates TikTok awareness and inspires you to create excellent content for your target audience. Before starting the video, you should know about the marketplace and its insights, which help impress the audience and expand your brand. 

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