How To Find Out Your Audience Active Time On TikTok

If you’re an existing TikTok user, nothing makes you happier than receiving tons of engagement for your TikTok videos. Everyone’s desire on this platform is to boost their engagement rate to uplift their audience growth. One of the effective methods to bring more audience interaction is by finding the perfect time to upload your videos. Well, this article will give you some best times to upload your content on TikTok.

This pandemic situation took the TikTok platform to the next level. It has gained massive popularity and also achieved tremendous growth.

Do you know? Everyone wants to become a TikTok user. Maybe that’s the reason behind 689 million monthly active users. So you could see, TikTok keeps on evolving without any sign of falling. Hence, getting aware of the never-ending trends is important for people who want to highlight their presence on this app.

However, you can get better results with your well-planned strategy by posting at the best time. Remember to enhance your engagement rate. First, you need to figure out when your audience is online. Here you’ll spot some best times and trucks to find your audience active time. 

Let’s get started, 

On any social media, it’s a bit difficult to find the best time. Although you have plenty of stats that give valuable aid, it’s important to notice that the trend will keep on changing. Hence it’s crucial to know up-to-date insights to maximize your engagement rate.

The best time to upload on TikTok will be changed for the different days in a week as per the influencer marketing hub. After the evaluation of more than 100,000 videos, finalize the following end result.

  • Monday-6 AM, 10 AM & 10 PM
  • Tuesday-2 AM,4 AM,& 9 AM
  • Wednesday-7 AM,8 AM, & 11 AM
  • Thursday-9 AM,12Pm,& 7 PM
  • Friday-5 AM,1 PM, & 3 PM
  • Saturday-11 AM, 7 PM, & 8 PM
  • Sunday- 7 AM,8 AM, & 4 PM

According to the study, the highest engagement was attained at 5 AM on Friday, 12 PM on Thursday & 9 AM on Tuesday. So if you upload your videos at audience peak time, you’ll obtain their interaction and engagement rate. In the end, there is no surprise you will buy cheap TikTok likes for your videos. When the engagement rate increases, probably your content reach and visibility also increases.

How To Predict The Audience Active Time?

You have some other ways to figure out the peak time to upload your content. Just look at the following trick.

Find Out Your Target Audience Location

TikTok has millions of users worldwide. In Europe alone, it has 100 million users, and in Germany, french it has 11 million users. This shows TikTok users are spread all over the world.

You may think that why target audience location matters right?. This is because identifying their location will assist you in figuring out the appreciated hours.

For example, when your target audience belongs to the US but you post when they are sleeping, sure, you’ll not receive much engagement rate. It will not only slow down your energy but also decrease your views and likes. That’s why it’s necessary to know your target audience’s location. By now, it’s easy to get this information using TikTok analytic.

Here You’ll Find Out Your Audience Timing.

Through TikTok analytics, you can filter their location. Next, you need to concentrate on their most active time. It may look unclear, but if you know their time zone, it’s possible.

You can predict the active timing with the help of their location.

For example, assume if your maximum followers belong to U.Kand North America, then correct the five-hour time difference that needs to be checked. You can even try out different posting times with that particular time zone; you can get their audience active time.

The Closing Line

On TikTok, it’s mandatory to fix and determine your potential audience depending on your business, brand, or location. Next, once you get them, find some effective ways to reach them, finally, collect details, information about them, and then plan your activities accordingly.

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